MMG Metalsmith

Meridith Merwald-Gofta


I’ve always been attracted to shiny and sparkly things hence

my rhinestone jewelry collection. After years of buying and repairing

vintage rhinestone jewelry I wanted to learn more.

I taught myself freeform wire wrapping

which eventually started me on the path to metalsmithing.

I work in Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Rolled Gold,

Gold and Copper. I like experimenting with different silversmithing techniques

such as broom-casting, reticulating, and forging

I enjoy seeing how far I can go with the different techniques

before the metal turns into a molten ball. Even then I might try to use that.

I love tools, especially hammers, it’s amazing what different hammers do to a piece of metal.

I also use different size alphabets and designer stamps to create jewelry.

I fabricate all of my designs and most of my findings. Many of my designs are incorporated with beads.

Learning about beads has become addictive and is a subject better left alone (I buy a few).

I’ve recently been learning the art of lapidary and the many names of stones,

of course I am drawn to the sparkly ones.


My next endeavor will be metal forming and how to use the many hammers I have in a different way


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