Art is a puzzle.  Art is challenging, frustrating, fun and rewarding.  I like to attempt to capture various moods and emotions from serene to excited.  I find creating paintings to be a mostly calming, temporary escape from worldly turmoil.


I make art because it is an endless learning process.  I enjoy learning and constantly evolving by trying new painting styles and techniques to see where I can go with them.  I have evolved from representational to the more abstract.  I have tried to learn to use color, form, line and contrast to achieve the desired effects.


My work is often inspired by the brilliant, as well as subtle, colors of nature.  And, at other times, the resulting works are purely imaginary.  I was originally educated as a Mathematician and Computer Programmer.  Then in 1993, I  decided to try to use more of the right side of my brain  by acquiring a BFA in Studio Art.  My analytic, mathematical side likes to invent geometric designs to bring order.  The other side of my brain likes to create colorful organic abstracts and large flower paintings.  Sometimes there is conflict and the result are, at best, unpredictable.


I am especially honored and gratified when someone else likes my art well enough to purchase it and display it in their own home or office.  Hopefully, my art can lift someone's spirit and allow them to smile inside.

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