Jasmine Buller

I am an artist on a mission to help us all reconnect with each other, ourselves, and nature. With so much negativity going on in the world, either on the news or just the every day bully, we all need something that reminds us we are all in this together. I think that art is so important because it inspires us to connect with each other, our world around us, and even ourselves.

Since I was a kid I have always been naturally drawn to art. I started out with paper and pencil and later moved onto painting and digital painting. One of my main sources of inspiration is nature. Nature is what connects us, it is what we all have in common; we are all from Earth. Many of us feel a connection to something from nature, whether it be a specific animal or even a place that makes us feel at home. Art can be a reminder of a feeling that we had when we were on vacation somewhere or the love we have for a pet. And it is my goal as an artist to recreate these connections and emotions.

For a time after childhood, I found myself frustrated with not being able to create the ideas exactly as they were in my head, and slowly did less and less art through the years. A beacon of inspiration for me was my step son Lucas. This boy plays his guitar everyday 24/7 and has become absolutely amazing at it. Of course, when he was just starting out he would make some mistakes, but he kept on playing. Practice makes progress. This has inspired me to keep on drawing and painting no matter what the outcome, which has led to my success as an artist today.

After I started dedicating more of my time to art, I was blessed with the opportunity to display my art at a small gallery, which gave me the open doors to sell my art. Now I create custom paintings as well as my own paintings. My dedication to the craft has allowed me to give back to the community through teaching. With teaching I hope to inspire others to not give up on their passion and to always have fun. 

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